Mr Vegas defends being emotional

Contrary to what entertainer Tu-Loxx thinks, dancehall singjay Mr Vegas is quite fine with being considered emotional.

Mr Vegas

The two have been in an online dust-up since last week with Tu-Loxx recently comparing Vegas to an emotional woman because of his infamous rants.

Vegas has clapped back in a lengthy video which mimics Tu-Loxx’s classroom format.

“Him a seh me is emotional so me is a female, and basically him a seh him is a man, him logical,” he said. “Yuh never too old fi learn mi general… Yuh see weh yaa call emotion and logics? Every human have it. Some people have a little bit more based on abnormality and some people have a little less based on abnormality… It’s like you a tell we seh a woman cya man society because she’s not logical, she too emotional…”

He challenged followers of Tu-Loxx to think for themselves and don’t fall victim to the YouTuber’s “pseudo-intelligence”.

“Mi tell yuh seh mi think yuh did intelligent enuh but wah day mi tell yuh seh yaa dunce.”

– Mr Vegas

“When a man a come tell unno bout the man logical and the woman illogical, is rubbish, it actually is being misogynistic and of course there is a pattern of Tu-Loxx being misogynistic… Him have three, four posts (videos) where him call the woman dem termites and b*tches… Maybe a woman hurt him. Woman hurt me but me nah go have up every woman fi it. Mi think seh yuh have a problem with women.”

Their tussle began because of a disagreement about dancer Silent Ravers being associated with transwoman Little Kev. Vegas said he had spoken to Tu-Loxx on WhatsApp in the past so he ought to have reached out to him if he disagreed with his sentiments instead of addressing it publicly. Tu-Loxx, however, said he did not disrespect Vegas, and that the artiste reacted emotionally instead of logically like a man.

“Yuh a run a hierarchy and me a deal wid balance,” Vegas said. “Me a deal wid nature. Me a deal wid masculine and feminine energy bredda. Me a deal with duality, you a deal with masculine energy because you want to be such a male dominant figure where woman must just gwaan mek noise and den yuh nuh pay her no mind because she always want to be right and then yuh parallel me with that. That’s the way you think about your mother?”

He added, “Furthermore brother, in our society, our mothers are mommy and daddy suh a she alone haffi a hold di balance cause nuh daddy nuh deh deh fi you come talk bout man logical because if man did logical dem wouldn’t run left the pickney dem. Mi tell yuh seh mi think yuh did intelligent enuh but wah day mi tell yuh seh yaa dunce. A prove yuh come prove yuh self.”