Mr Vegas stages online ‘funeral’ for Lady Saw

Marion Hall as Lady Saw before her transformation through Christ in 2015.

More than 14,000 people attended an online ‘funeral’ for Lady Saw on Saturday.

Yes, you read that right.

Dancehall singjay Mr Vegas organised the service which was streamed on Facebook to honour the career of ‘Muma Saw’ who baptised in 2015 and prefers to be called Minister Marion Hall.

After her conversion and setting aside her dancehall career.

“Tonight we’re here to pay homage to one of the greatest of all time,” Mr Vegas, dressed in a black suit, said. “The reason why we’re here to pay homage is because that artiste was killed by God spiritually… The greatest cannot go out like that, the greatest must be sent off with a beautiful tribute from us, her peers, so tonight we pay homage.”

He commenced with Find A Good Man, one of Saw’s earliest singles released in 1994. As attendees scattered rose emojis or mourned through crying emojis, Mr Vegas played other tracks like Give Me The Reason, Sycamore Tree, Serious Allegations and Eh-em. Heels On, her last solo hit as Lady Saw, was also on the program, and Mr Vegas yielded to several encore requests before moving on to the international smash, I’ve Got Your Man.

Mr Vegas

Though she has often said ‘the spirit of Lady Saw is dead’, Mr Vegas encouraged viewers to still stream her secular music. “Bob Marley still a get royalties, Peter Tosh still a get royalties or his estate… Dennis Brown estate still getting royalties… it doesn’t mean that somebody become a Christian and nah perform dem songs anymore people should stop playing their songs or buying their music,” he said. “When yuh buy Lady Saw music, when yuh play the music, she get royalties. Mi know she nah go send back the cheque to unno… It mek she still eat, and maybe one day God will send her back but for now we live with the legacy, we appreciate the legacy…”

After playing more tracks including Man A Di Least, If Him Lef and No Long Talking, Mr Vegas read a brief eulogy and said his farewell.

“Rest in peace Lady Saw, big respect,” commented Glenford Robinson Jr. “I love how you’re doing this…her awesome music should be honoured especially if she’s never going to sing that way again…” said Kim Graham. “Dem new dancehall girls here cannot ride rhythm like Saw,” chimed Basil Grant

Tashieka Robinson, however, added, “Everyone is different, if she don’t want her music them play anymore then we should respect her request.”