Mr Vegas tells Minister Hall to leave the church, invites her into ‘the trenches’

Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas has invited Minister Marion Hall into ‘the trenches’ to spread the word of God.

Vegas extended the invitation to the minister, formerly known as Lady Saw, as he lashed out against formal religious institutions for not adequately addressing the issue of paedophilia.

In a Facebook Live video on Sunday (August 29) Vegas encouraged Hall, who he referred to by her dancehall stage name to leave the church.

“Come in mumma, come inna de trenches,” said Vegas.

Vegas explained that he believed that Saw had joined a church in order to “heal her soul” .

He, however, said that Saw has since realized that the church is filled with “wickedness” and desperately wants to exit but is afraid.

“God seh she wants to leave because unno treat her real bad. And then unno put unno mouth one sideways and chat her. She want to leave but she can’t leave,” Vegas said.

“But she know seh unno a wicked. She went there to get healing for her soul but unno wicked. She can’t leave. That’s why God send somebody to disrupt her spirit the other day with the obeah thing -fi shake her out from under unno. But she stubborn,” added Vegas.

Vegas explained that the church had long fallen away from its moral mandate and had become a safe heaven for wrong doers.

He said that church is filled with mobs, who allow wrong doers to hide behind scriptures like “he who is without sin should cast the first stone” and “only God can judge’.

Vegas said while he isn’t against forgiveness, he believes that any individual convicted of a sexual crime in the United States who is on the sex offenders list, should be entered on to a similar list if deported to Jamaica.

“The main objective and why we are here. We have been saying from day one, this man must not go around children. Anyone that gest deported for committing any form of sexual crime in the US and is on a registry in the United States must go on the registry when they come to Jamaica,” said Vegas.

“We were not saying ‘yow do not forgive the predator. We were not saying Jesus does not forgive. We were not saying the person is not of sanctified, save, born again evangelist, speaking in tongues; we were not saying that. We were not saying no one should kill the predator. All we were saying from day one is stay away from little boys,” added Vegas.

Vegas reiterated that the church had strayed from its principles.

“My mother type of Christianity done with. That’s why gunman a come shoot up unno church. Back in the days gunman woulda never go inna a church go fire a shot. Gunman go inna church go kill woman. Because yall departed from the faith,” he said.

He also used the occasion to criticize church leaders for focusing on trivial matters and issued a call for them to address real issues.

“Pastor Chambers you always a bun pastor chamber bout corruption, yuh fraid of Girly eh. Can somebody screenshot tha part yah and send go give profit Chambers, yuh nuh have nothing for we from God concerning this matter. Profit Chambers you only get message for Andrew Holness,” added Vegas.