Munga Honorable joins domestic violence conversation with ‘Nah Mad 2’

Dancehall artiste Munga Honorable is one of the artistes denouncing violence against women.

Dancehall music has often been accused of influencing criminal activity and violent behaviour. If life imitates art, a wave of new music by dancehall artistes denouncing domestic violence could be a major key in alleviating piling reports of murders and murder-suicides linked to domestic abuse.

“Love the message, stop the violence against women.”

— YouTube user

Munga Honorable joins the ‘No Violence Against Women’ movement with Nah Mad 2 (Move On), which premiered on Friday. Produced on his Hilltop Records imprint, the singjay splits justice by telling women to not manipulate men and reminding men to walk away and find a new girl if the current one is problematic. He shared a similar theme on the popular 2018 joint, Nah Mad, but delves deeper on its follow-up.

My yute, don’t kill di gyal dem, my girl don’t trick di man dem/ My girl dis is a warning, don’t tek di man tings if yuh nuh want him/ Rude boy, yuh fi know star, it don’t matter what you buy yuh don’t own har, cause money cya hold har…/ A nuh di end of the world, so get yourself another girl, and move on/ A nuh every glisten a gold, no, a nuh every glimma a pearl, so just move on/ A nuh di end a di world dawg, get yourself another girl, and move on/ Husband don’t murder the bride, youth don’t choose suicide,” Munga sings in the song.

The message

While many fans are just happy to get a part two of Nah Mad, others are commending the artiste for using his art to address what has been a nightmare for many.

“If it bad one more time, Munga find it,” Mantana London said. “Stop the violence against women and also men.”

“Love the message, stop the violence against women,” added Kerina Johnson.

“Just move on, no violence against women. Munga you find it again,” said Jerry Hilltop.

In the song, Munga also made reference to Vybz Kartel’s new EP, To Tanesha.

‘Addi cry’

Gaza fans also approve, as the deejay references Vybz Kartel on the track, saying: “Now Shorty gone mek Addi cry,” referencing Kartel’s own journey of heartbreak and trying to move on which he details in his To Tanesha EP.

Munga joins Govana, D’Angel and Queen Ifrica who have released songs of this nature since 2020.

BUZZ fam, which artiste do you think should address the issue next? Do you think these songs will make a difference in stopping domestic crimes?

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