Must be nice! Shenseea gets thick wad of cash from ‘friend’

Dancehall artiste Shenseea received a band which put a smile on her face.

You’d have to be quite well-off to get up thinking one of dancehall’s top artistes, Shenseea, would appreciate receiving a stack but that’s exactly what happened.

The Blessed artiste shared a post to her Instagram story yesterday, noting that an unnamed individual gave her a thick wad of cash, for no apparent reason.

She noted that the gift lifted her spirits at a time when she was in a foul mood.

Shenseea wrote, “I woke up mad, sad and miserable without anyone knowing and someone litrally gave me this as a gift ot of the blue.”

She continued, “That’s God, I’m cheered up”.

The post, which was shared to several social media pages, generated lots of responses, from people including some who said they needed new friends to other speculating who the money could be from. One name that popped up quite often was her manager, Romeich, but the Trending Gyal singer did not offer any clues as to the source.