MX Jamaica hopes for jumpstart

MX Jamaica held its first training session of 2021 at a brand new location, Murray’s Motocross track, Clarendon on July 11.

It marked the first motocross event of any kind since December 15, 2019.

“Everyone enjoyed themselves. They were overall happy to see everyone riding again, Motocross is a super fun, family oriented sport,” said Kyle Reynolds, chairman — MX Jamaica.

MX Jamaica, which has been handling the burgeoning sport since 2018, like other motorsports entities found itself on hiatus due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The July 11 event was an attempt by the organization to jumpstart motocross under the current relaxed COVID-19 government protocols. With over thirty riders showing up, just to test their bikes, kick the cobwebs from their skills, and assesse the newest motocross track, Reynolds stamped the day a success.

“We are very satisfied with the number of riders that came out to ride. And this shows us that they are ready to get back to racing,” he expressed.

Reynolds hopes the interest shown in the training day will extend to whenever MX Jamaica is able to start having events again as they have not been able to have any sort of competition or track days in 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

“The reason for the training day was just to get things going again, officially,” Reynolds said.