“My fiancée has not spoken to me in weeks”: Macka Diamond’s rumoured lover tells all

While owning up to the fact that he was the man pictured in bed with dancehall artiste Macka Diamond, Chivea Brown says their relationship is strictly business.

Dancehall artiste Chivea Brown was caught up in rumours about his relationship with Macka Diamond.

Brown became embroiled in major drama online after vlogger Pretti Don the pair when she released a photo of him in bed with Macka Diamond. 

“Macka Diamond and I are just business associates nothing more, we are doing music. It’s sad that unscrupulous persons would cut and paste us together to cause unnecessary mischief,” the New York-based dancehall artiste explained.

“My fiancée has not spoken to me in weeks because she believes the rumours and refuses to listen to my side of the story. Pretti Don and her friends are destroying my personal life,” he said.

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond

The artiste also says this situation makes him wonder if working with Macka Diamond was worth the public scandal because he has never been in this situation before. He urges onlookers to not believe everything they see online.

“Don’t believe everything you see online because people lie and can cut and paste pictures to support those lies, even to the detriment of innocent people,” he said.

To share his side of the ordeal, Brown will release a single called Cut and Paste later this week.

Brown has been in the music industry for over a decade and has found some success with tracks like Bubble, considered a hit in Philly and other major cities.

He was introduced to Macka Diamond through his producer Rash Riddimz, who is also producing tracks with her.