‘My thighs match now’: Cardi B addresses weight critics

A drawback to any horrible buttock augmentation job is the never-ending comparison to drumsticks and lollipops when the butt-to-thigh ratio is noticeably off. Kim Kardashian, though never confirming rumours of having done such procedure, has been the ultimate victim of these roasts, likewise Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Thanks to quarantine (and the live entertainment scene being on a standstill due to the coronavirus), Cardi B is no longer a part of that club. The Money Bag rapper has gained some weight over the past few months while indoors, and she recently took to her Instagram stories to show it off.

Rapper Cardi B says she has gained a little weight but now her thighs match her posterior. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

“I gained a little weight but guess what?” the rapper asked. “The thighs match now, right?!?”

Serving different angles before a full body mirror in her closet, Cardi sought to use video as evidence that she has not been Photoshopping her latest photos. Images of the star looking thicker than usual have been circling the web, and Cardi was not afraid to show fans and critics what she currently looks like.

“Y’all think I’m editing my body? Just ask me for a f**king video, that’s simple,” she said. “I gained a little fat, I gained a little weight but you know…it’s all good…”

She added that her husband, rapper Offset, “like it like that.”

The quarantine period has also allowed Cardi to work on her sophomore album, which she is hoping to complete in Miami this summer. Her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, soared to the top of the Billboard 200 chart in 2018, and earned the Grammy award for the best rap album the following year.