Nadine Sutherland: I won’t judge another woman

Singer Nadine Sutherland (Photo: Instagram @nadinesutherland)

Singer Nadine Sutherland says she will not be judgmental towards females in modern Jamaican music who chose to sing raunchy lyrics.

Speaking with BUZZ recently, Sutherland, who has popular tracks like Action and Baby Face, said that while the raunchy style was not in keeping with her mode of entertainment, people have to make their own choices.

“I will not judge. Everybody responds to their environment. I won’t judge another woman,” she said, noting that music with substance is more lasting.

Nadine Sutherland, who has been in music since she was a child, took somewhat of a hiatus from the industry to acquire a master’s degree. And although she took a break a few years ago, she is confident of her place in the business.  

“My songs were just solidifying in the space. I thought I was out, but I was still in,” she told BUZZ, adding that she is working on new material.