Naomi Campbell tosses $3000 jacket after wearing it to airport

Fashion icon Naomi Campbell has also been making bold statements on her travel hygiene routines.

The supermodel’s apparent ‘germophobe tendencies’ have since taken on new heights with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the associated prompts to limit physical contact and practise proper hygiene.

After showcasing her ‘hazmat couture’ recently, American rapper Azealia Banks expressed concern about the model using an airplane blanket, which she noted, “don’t get washed thoroughly.”

Our Hygiene Queen quickly pointed out, however, that it was in fact her own jacket, which has since found its resting place in the airport garbage.

Now, BUZZ fam we did a little digging and said ‘disposed jacket’, is a Burberry piece, priced at nearly US$3,000.

Guess there isn’t a price on safety in these dangerous times, right?