Naomi Cowan is ‘climbing’ to the top with new track

Naomi Cowan says Climbing gives listeners a bit of motivation. (Photos: Instagram @naomicowan)

She might be a ‘Paradise Plum’, but Jamaican singer Naomi Cowan is now climbing to the top with a new song.

The beauty’s newly released track, Climbing, is motivating fans while fusing genres such as reggae, dancehall, and a little afrobeat. 

Climbing is simply about putting in the work little by little, remembering that one-one cocoa full basket, and watching your vision unfold. There’s something very personal and individual that we all have to tap into when it comes to going after our dreams,” Cowan expressed.

“I believe that’s getting to the point of realising that no one else can fill your shoes or run your path,” she added.

EP and collaborations

Naomi during the video shoot for Climbing.

The track is available on all digital platforms. The music video can also be found on YouTube.

But Climbing isn’t the only thing on Naomi’s mind. The singer, who is the child of musicians Tommy Cowan and Carlene Davis, would love to collaborate with a few local and international stars.

“I’d love to collab with Popcaan soon on a very specific track. He just has such an energetic spirit, I think it would be perfect,” she said. “I also wanna work with Tarrus Riley, [and] I wanna write with Alaine and Sasco.”

Some of those collaborations might also be heard when the singer decides to release her debut EP.

“Can’t say when yet, but just know that the timing will be just right,” Naomi said.