Naveesh doing it for the ladies


Up and coming dancehall artiste Naveesh wants to have the ladies getting their groove on as he put out releases geared towards that particular demographic. The Falmouth-based artiste told BUZZ recently, that he has always been about the ladies although he has done a variety of music since his sojourn in the industry began. 

“That’s my primary focus, singing fi di ladies, that was what gives me my first breakthrough song which was ‘Hot Fire Coal. The foundation and the groundwork was really the females and a deh so Naveesh really get him breakthrough from,” he said.

In his five years in the industry, Naveesh said he has released a lot of tracks specifically for the ladies. “We have some female songs like Hydraulics is out now,” he disclosed. Hydraulics‘ a gwaan bad inna di road. It have a bun up the radio waves right now, we a shoot the video fi dat in a few days.”

Naveesh noted that his song Trending which he released recently is also doing very well. “We have Trending now, a gwaan bad inna the road, features me Radija and Fyne Style. That song a do well inna the ground fi me,” he said.

He further shared that another track, Entanglement is set for release in short order as well. 

Taking his music worldwide

However, while the Trelawny artiste is mainly known for his plethora of ladies-inspired tracks he related that his biggest track so far is a culture-based number entitled Speak When Spoken which he notes was produced by fellow Trelawny artiste, Charly Black.

Ultimately, Naveesh says he wants his music played all over the world. The tattoo on his right forearm ‘4Caana’ is a reminder of that goal. “We a di first man weh come out and say four corner, nuff man no know what it means. But it really mean taking the music to the four corners of the earth,” he said.

This goal has been impacted by the onset of the coronavirus which has limited his chances to travel, but he has been making use of other opportunities as well.

“We want it Fi go but the Corona has done a lot for Naveesh same way because social media is where everybody is looking to see what’s going on and in terms of streaming we see that them streaming Naveesh more than when it was no corona,” he said.