Navino and Jahmiel appeal to youth in ‘Too Late’

Jamaican artistes Jahmiel and Navino are appealing to youth in their latest collaboration, Too Late.

The track, which is nestled on Damage Musiq’s Tropical Depression rhythm, serves as a mirror of the times, where criminality and acts for online validation taint society.

Its highlight is the advisory to youth to choose the right path before it’s too late.

“Most youths, man and woman, girl and boy, it’s like dem nuh value themselves no more…” Navino told BUZZ.

“Dem will do anything fi get some views. No morals – a dat mi see a gwaan pon the internet. Everybody a expose themselves or dem will do anything fi be trending or get some likes. Mi just want it reach to the ears of the youths dem cause good music shall still live on. A nuff youth nav good music inna dem ears so we just expect this song fi do great,” he added.

The music video debuted two weeks ago and has attracted more than 200,000 views.

Navino is pleased with the reception.

“I’m getting a lot of great feedback,” he said. “People love the collab and people a seh we should do it more often so it’s a great joy.”

The artistes teamed up in 2015 for the song New Money so it’s no surprise that they would work together again.

As Navino puts it, “Jahmiel is like a bredda to me so the friendship will always deh deh.”

Explaining the project’s genesis, Navino said he and Jahmiel were each sent the rhythm for separate contributions, but Jahmiel suggested they collaborate.

“I was in America at that time and him wait pon me like the whole project hold up and wait cause him seh, ‘Yow, mi a wait pon yuh fi come on this track’ and mi just fly down and him did already have everything already so mi just lay down my verse.”

His main verse also bears his view that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned, a sentiment shared by his other peers including Buju Banton and Spragga Benz.

“Mi read and we watch and we see seh all of these things are rehearsed, all of these things are planned cause did you know that the pandemic should be from Ebola? Then how can a man predict something that is gonna happen years after?… No one is God so you cannot predict what’s going to come and where it a go come from. We know these things are planned so we nuh fooled.”

Navino is currently in New York where he is gearing up to shoot the music video for the unreleased single, Drink & Vibe. The track was produced by Knack Outt Production and is expected to premiere in May