Nesbeth wants collab with Cardi B after rapper seen vibing to ‘My Dream’

If messages in songs are anything to go by then it seems that things are going well for Cardi B after she was seen vibing to Nesbeth’s hit track ‘My Dream’.

During an Instagram live, the Up artiste was seen singing word for word the 2016 hit song while in a car. 

Nesbeth subsequently got wind of the video and uploaded it to his Instagram  page.

“World renowned Cardi B is having a *My Dream* moment. Thanks for vibing to my hit song,” said Nesbeth in the captions.

 “Let me know when you’re ready for the remix. Let’s do this Cardi” he added. 

His comments seemed to have gone down well with his fans as one commented noting ,  “good music will always connect. Still one of the biggest songs out of Jamaica. 

 While another wrote, “My dream is still hitting”.

 Nesbeth’s  ‘My Dream’ presents the perfect backdrop to the ‘WAP’ singer’s career, who started out as an exotic dancer,  later climbing the ladder to the point where she is now,  a platinum selling rapper.

Nonetheless, Cardi B still keeps it real,  having confessed that she is  a dancehall music fan and at times shares episodes of herself vibing to various songs. 

At her 28 birthday celebration she was seen dancing to a number of tracks such as ‘Suh Mi Like It’ by Spice and ‘Fever’ by Vybz Kartel.