Netflix scores ratings hit with ‘Bridgerton’

Bridgerton, the latest Netflix series to dominate online conversations, is in line to be one of the biggest breakout series of 2020.

A scene from the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’. (Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix)

According to Netflix, Bridgerton is projected to be viewed by 63 million households in the United States in its first four weeks of release.

If that estimate holds, it would make the Shonda Rhimes-led series the streaming giant’s fifth biggest original series launch ever.

Additionally, Netflix said show – which chronicles the lives of the eight close-knit Bridgerton siblings – hit the top 10 ranking in 76 countries.

To arrive at the figures, Netlix added the total and average view hours and divided it by its subscribers.

Netflix determines who watches its content based on the number of subscribers who view at least two minutes of a programme.

Bridgerton debuted on December 25, with the tracking period to end on January 21.