New body, still shamed: Adele sparks debate on whether she’s ‘too skinny’

Disregarding her smile, social media is worried about its favourite British diva as photos of Adele’s frolic in Anguilla surfaced this weekend (Photo: Twitter)

There are a growing number of fans seemingly concerned about British pop superstar Adele and her dramatic transformation as new photos of the singer emerged over the weekend.

Adele, who is reportedly vacationing in Anguilla with fellow stars Harry Styles and James Corden, sent social media into a fierce debate as to whether her recent weight loss is ‘healthy’.

The Hello songstress seemed blissful as she took photos with a fan and her family on the beach, but many Twitter users are increasingly worried, calling her new look “too skinny”.

“IS THIS ADELE?!?! someone feed her pls she looks so skinny and not really that healthy …. we should be worrying about her omg,” one tweet said.

“Wait, Adele looks way too skinny here should we get worried?” one woman said.

Adele delighted fans a few weeks before posing alongside the Grinch at her Christmas party, but now, with these images, some have argued the singer is under heavy scrutiny despite appearing genuinely happy.

“Adele isn’t defined by her weight,” wrote one fan. “She can be fat, medium, skinny, or athletic, and still be herself. Stop trying to define people by their weight.”

“People made fun of Adele for being overweight and now when she’s skinny, people are still making fun of her and commenting on her body. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. Just live your life how you want it,” another fan commented.

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