New glam, who dis? Fans approve of Mackerel’s latest makeover

Ahem! Secure ya edges, BUZZ fam, Mackerel is summer-ready in this scorching outfit. (Photo: Dane Visuals for Instagram @MackerelOfficial)

*ZJ Sparks voice* Yes goodie!!!

Social media sensation Mackerel has sent parts of the internet into a frenzy, but for all the good reasons, BUZZ fam.

On Friday (June 12) the young starlet shared images all dolled up on set and the imagery from the photo-shoot is just stunning.

“I’ll give a mf something to say about me whenever i pls…” she captioned the pics.

Flirty, confident and fun are just some words fans have used to describe the sizzling results – and the consensus is Mackerel is on fire!

“These should be your birthday photoshoot looking lovely,” one woman commented.

“No sah!!! You look nice girl! A cya Mackerel this ! A must the well season Mackerel this!” another fan beamed.

The positive comments haven’t been exclusive to Instagram, where Mackerel interacts with her 223,000 followers, but Twitter and Facebook as well.

“Dem yah u should a post fi yuh bday pics” one Facebook user posted.

What do you think, BUZZ fam? Are you loving Mackerel’s glam?