New home for Volkswagen Jamaica

The 39,909 square foot showroom houses the sales aspects of Volkswagen while being able to display six vehicles.

Volkswagen Jamaica, the arm of the ATL Automotive Group responsible for the Volkswagen line of vehicles, moved to its new showroom location in Kingston at 27 Old Hope Road on July 19.

“This location is fabulous. It is a step in the right direction for our customers and staff. It’s a bit more comfortable, more homely,” explained Jhanelle Wagstaffe, Senior Sales Manager — Volkswagen Jamaica.

The original Kingston location at 1c-3 Oxford Road, will continue to house the service and parts departments, while the second showroom in Montego Bay remains at ATL Automotive West in Bogue.

“Before the move to 27 Old Hope Road, we were at 1c-3 Oxford Road for a number of years. We started at the VW building, which is now Kia, and we moved over into the other building on the property where a lot of our customers would have seen us for the past three years.”

 Jhanelle Wagstaffe, Senior Sales Manager, began as a sales executive in 2012 only to now head the brand.

The fresh 39,909 square foot showroom will house the sales team for the automotive and fleet divisions of the brand.
“The sales side of the business, our sales team and the sales administration team are here, along with the fleet sales team. So all other aspects of Volkswagen in Kingston, service, parts are still at Oxford Road,” said Wagstaffe.

The new showroom can fit six vehicles and has an inside delivery bay. The open layout means customers can browse easily in comfort, with sales staff just a simple motion away for assistance if needed.

“Volkswagen has done really well for itself in Jamaica,” she said.

The VW brand has been taking advantage of the demand for sport utility vehicles with its popular Tiguan, and the larger feature-rich Touareg. Workhorse models such as the Saveiro, and the popular Amarok pickups are also part of the Volkswagen line.

“The brand has continued to see growth from month to month with our new Tiguan Allspace, which is doing very well in the market. A lot of persons have been gravitating towards it because, one, it’s a seven seater. Two, because it’s between a premium and luxury vehicle. Customers are very comfortable in it, so it has grown in the market,” she explained.

Volkswagen Jamaica moved to its new larger showroom at 27 Old Hope Road on July 19 to better serve its customers and the brand.

Wagstaffe’s own rise through the ATL ranks mirrors that of the Volkswagen brand locally. Having started with the company in 2012 as a sales executive, she moved to ATL Honda, only to return to head the brand she started her ATL automotive career with. She’s held the sales manager position at VW Jamaica for just over a year, during which she’s overseen the move to the new showroom.

“Ironically I started with the company in 2012 in sales at VW in Montego Bay. Then I moved into Kingston, transitioned to Honda for a bit. Now I’m back with VW.”

Wagstaffe teased that the move is actually temporary as the brand is working on something even bigger, better and state-of-the-art for its future in the island.