‘New release loading’: Konshens, Kemar Highcon tease upcoming collab

Dancehall artistes Konshens and Kemar Highcon have teased a new musical collaboration which seems set to debut soon.

Dancehall artistes Konshens (left) and Kemar Highcon

The pair, known for their inimitable flows and distinct styles, shared a photo to their social pages, both dressed in all black everything.

Kemar posted the pic with the caption (or possible song lyric) “Have a pencil fi me yu gal draw near” along with the prompt that there’s a “new release loading”.

Konshens also shared the same photo with the line “Stay clean..detergent, gal a she fi please link up urgent”.

The collaboration, seemingly called Volcano – if the emojis and hashtags both used are anything to go by – isn’t the first time the two have featured together on a track.

They’ve previously appeared on Like Woah, alongside Hydal and We Rise, an all-star lined track released in light of the coronavirus pandemic.