New Spice, who dis? Social media reacts to deejay’s new “clean” song, ‘Head’

Shaneil Muir had women declaring their ‘Yamhead-negative’ status all quarantine, but Spice is one female embracing her inner ‘Yamiesha’.


The dancehall deejay released the music video for the single Head on Friday, and the track strays from her usual vagina-praising, lyrically-explicit releases.

The video stars Gracie (Spice’s first name is Grace), a woman madly in love with a tall hunk who cheats on her and takes advantage of her ‘yamhead’ state.

Though her friends (including dancer TC) bring her receipts of her man’s dirty deeds, Spice isn’t about to let him go.

Him cheat sometime, him a nuh di best man/ But mi still a try change him fi be mi husband/ Nah mek a next gyal come ruin my plan/ Di bwoy gangsta but him have ambition…,” she sings.

The track is a different vibe for Spice, oozing Latin-feels courtesy of Frankie Music. Fans are commending Spice for the switch-up and for also releasing a song with a theme beyond her lady parts.

“Not one badword or skin out lyrics. Can we get a round of applause for Spice?” a YouTube user asked.

“Spice doing well without affi sing about her private parts,” another said.

“This woman can actually sing with a melody as well.”

“Yow this is the first song my a** can listen to without skipping most if it. Spice this was clean and I liked it,” one person said.

Head adds to a catalogue of “clean” songs, including Black Hypocrisy, No Worries (with D’Angel) and 02.20.2020.