Twitter user attempts to expose Jamaica’s rape culture

One Twitter user who arrived on the platform in June 2020 seems to be leading the way for Jamaica’s very own #MeToo movement, at least a second attempt.

This is not the first time a social media page has emerged with similar ambitions of naming and shaming alleged sexual predators in Jamaica.

In 2017, a prominent LGBT activist and co-founder of the Tambourine Army, Latoya Nugent, was arrested after she attempted to do a similar thing.

The user who arrived on the platform less than two days ago has already gained traction, having built up a following of 3,000.

Twitter user @jamaicanexposu1, who also uses the alias #danielledixon, says the account is dedicated to being the “voice” of sexual abuse victims.

Playing on the strategy of popular Jamaican-style blogs that use the signature phrase “hide my ID”, the Twitter account shares screenshots of stories from alleged rape victims.

While the victim is not exposed, the alleged perpetrators are named and shamed.

Not only are they named, in some instances the alleged perpetrators are shown, sometimes headless with only certain limbs visible, and in other instances with full-on headshots.

Most of the stories shared relate to former female university students who make allegations of being taken advantage of by males while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Some have even shared photos from the alleged attacks, showcasing bruised limbs.

In some instances, it is men making allegations of having been taken advantage of by other males.

Allegations have also been made against some university teachers, coaches and other prominent professionals.

While it is not known if the allegations have been reported to the police, some Twitter users have begun sharing some of the posts with the Jamaica Constabulary Force, which is also very active on the social media platform.

The owner of the page has since sought to further clarify her intention and dissuade some users from sharing false allegations.

“Please do not send in any false accusations. We’re only trying to help, not to mess up an innocent youth’s reputation,” said @jamaicanexposu1 in a tweet at 7:21 pm. 

Since the user’s arrival, the hashtag #rapist has been trending on the platform.