Neymar accuses Marseille player of racial abuse during heated match

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player Neymar has accused an Olympique Marseille player of using a racial slur in their teams’ match yesterday (September 13).

PSG forward Neymar confronting Marseille’s Álvaro González during yesterday’s match.

Neymar was given a red card, one of five issued during the PSG 1-0 defeat, after he hit Marseille’s Álvaro González in the back of the head.

While leaving, the field, Neymar is seen reportedly telling an official about the alleged racist incident.

After the match, Neymar took to Twitter to vent about the incident.

“Losing is part of sport. Insulting and bringing racism into our lives, no I don’t agree.”

— Neymar on Twitter

He said, “The only regret I have is not hitting this idiot in the face.

“VAR catching my ‘aggression’ is easy … now I want to see the image of the racist who called me a ‘MONKEY SON OF A B*TCH.’ I’d really like that! If I do a ‘rainbow flick’ you punish me. For a slap, I’m sent off. And them? So what?”

Gonzalez later responded to the claims on his own Twitter saying, “There is no place for racism. A clean career and with many teammates and friends on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes you have to learn how to lose and accept it on the field. Incredible three points today, Allez l’OM thank you family.”

However, Neymar did not take kindly to the response, replying directly to the tweet with “You are not a man to take responsibility for your mistake. Losing is part of sport. Insulting and bringing racism into our lives, no I don’t agree.

“I DON’T RESPECT YOU. YOU HAVE NO CHARACTER! Take responsibility for what you say. Be a MAN. RACIST!”

 The heated brawl saw the match ending with 14 cards, including the five red, being shown.