Nicholas Lall denies raping Spice’s ex-dancer Danger

Nicholas Lall, Spice’s babyfather, has denied allegations that he sexually assaulted her former dancer, Danger.

Nicholas Lall

He took to Instagram Live on Tuesday morning to defend his character, hours after Danger did the same thing, claiming that he raped her years ago while he was Spice’s road manager on a European tour.

“Everybody out deh have me as a rapist… These are some serious allegations enuh. Danger if mi di rape yuh why yuh never lock mi up when mi deh a Jamaica? Why yuh never call di police when yuh reach home?,” he said.

He added: “Don’t do this too mi yow… Mi love mi gyal pickney dem Danger, don’t do this to me. If a boy rape one a my daughter dem, mi kill dat.”

Lall said he wasn’t going to speak but felt compelled to after thinking about the effect such claims will have on his children, particularly his two daughters. He added that he spoke out to protect his reputation which has already suffered over the years because of Spice’s “deadbeat dad” claims.

Not consensual

This comes after a conversation Lall had with spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith in which he admitted to having sexual intercourse with Danger.

“Dah B deh? Mi f**k Danger of course, but dah nyam pu**y something deh, it nuh work,” Lall said.

Danger, Spice’s former dancer

Danger then responded in her own Instagram Live where she claimed the sex wasn’t consensual. She was 19 at the time and said she did not speak up immediately as she was afraid to lose her job, which she alleged Lall used as blackmail.

“She was my friend, di woman did practically mi best friend so mi did owe her di right fi know what happened out of my mouth cause all now we nuh talk bout it…” she said. “She hear what happened and when mi look mi get removed outta group, and she just tek weh herself and I’m like weh really happen?… We a did friend, she nuh confront mi wid nuh anger, she nuh try find mi yard, she nuh ask mi if it go suh or not, she just tek it… One minute mi good-good set up and a work and the next minute mi just get chop suh.”

Lall argued that the allegation is Danger’s way of working her way back to the group.

“I understand seh you a try save your character as a woman fi know seh you and Grace a par and mi f**k yuh, but don’t destroy my reputation by saying that I rape you when you know that’s a lie… I am a man of many secrets but a rapist and a molester is never one,” he said.