Nick Cannon and Eminem feuding… again

Americn rapper Nick Cannon

Somewhere in the world right now, Mariah Carey is sipping on some bubbly, surrounded by her boo thang Bryan Tanaka and ‘dem’ babies…while her ex-husband Nick Cannon and her ex-nothing (allegedly) Eminem are feuding.

Undercooked beef

Now, this is deja vu for several fans who recall when this undercooked beef started a decade ago, after Eminem dropped the diss track, Bagpipes from Baghdad, telling Cannon to “back the f- up…I’m not playing I want her back you punk…” The track alludes to an intimate relationship Eminem had with Carey, but according to the ‘Christmas Queen’, they were never in a relationship, situationship, or kind of ship, and Eminem was just “obsessed” with her, as her 2009 track aptly described.

Nick Cannon’s ex, Mariah Carey, insisted that she was never in a relationship with Eminem.

Fast-forward some years later, and Eminem uses his verse on Fat Joe’s recently released Lord Above track to label Carey as a “nut job” who has Cannon “p- whipped”.

In his response, Cannon dropped The Invitation featuring Suge Knight and a host of others on Monday. The four-minute number sees Cannon praising his babymamma for “killing Em’s career” a decade ago, comparing himself to the lyrical warfare prowess of Tupac and Drake, before getting into Em’s drug abuse history and alleged fellatio habits.

Rapper Eminem

Twitter belittling Cannon

In classic Eminem style, the rapper took to Twitter belittling Cannon for a lazy clapback, even demanding an apology.

Cannon has since released another diss track, Pray for Him, where he raps: “God shoulda took Em and just let us keep Juice Wrld,” referring to the recent death of the 21-year-old singer who passed after suffering a seizure on Sunday.

Despite Cannon’s double take at Eminem, it seems social media is with #TeamShady on this one, as the hashtag #RIPNick continues to trend on social media with more than 50,000 tweets.

Will Eminem clap back? Who knows? His 2018 lyrical feud with Machine Gun Kelly pretty much saw the burial of Kelly’s career after Em released Killshot.

The world will just have to wait and see.