Nick Cannon releases fourth diss track aimed at Eminem

Rapper Nick Cannon doesn’t seem to like Eminem much.

It seems Nick Cannon really dislikes Eminem after releasing four diss tracks aimed at the multiplatinum rapper.

However, Eminem has not taken the bait to respond, but that has not stopped Cannon from throwing jabs at him, apparently trying to start a rap war.

It doesn’t seem like American rapper Eminem will be responding to Nick Cannon.

With Eminem avoiding him, Cannon has taken aim at the fans of the D12 rapper. His latest track, Used To Look Up To You, was released just a few days ago and basically tries to answer persons who have been critical of Cannon’s attempts to tackle Eminem.

It follows on Invitation, Pray For Him and Cancelled that have all failed to generate any great level of interest from Eminem or his fans.