Nicki Minaj is back! rapper ends social media break

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has ended her social media hiatus and is back with a tease!

Dressed only in blinged-out pink crocs with two pink heart-shaped pillows covering her seemingly naked body, the rapper returned to Instagram on Monday with only one word; Friday.

It could be new music that the Queen of Rap will be dropping, or it could also be a new fragrance in collaboration with Chanel, as the luxury brand logo is all over the desk she sits atop of.

Nicki took a social media break back in January when her father was killed in a hit and run accident.

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And as expected, the Barbs are excited to have their Queen back.

“SHES BACKKK! We missed you,” actress Skaii Jackson commented.

“THE QUEEN IS Back !!! Happy belated Mother’s Day gorgeous ❤️,” a fan wrote.

“My eyes just opened too?! God is good!! Welcome back 😭,” another added.