Nicki Minaj is heartbroken over dad’s death

Rapper, Nicki Minaj is yet to make a public statement on her dad, Robert Maraj’s death. But her mom, Carol Maraj revealed that Nicki is heartbroken.

In an interview with the Sun, Carol said she had visited Robert the day he was struck down by a hit and run driver.

“I had to go and visit Robert about a family matter, so we spoke about that and then he left and went to go and get cigarettes,” she said.

“While I was sitting there I realized he was gone for a while. I called and no one answered the phone.

“And then his son called, and he had found out that he was in the hospital and had been hit by a car.

“When I first heard this I thought someone was in a rush, and then I heard the extent of his injuries and I thought someone had really been in a rush to hurt him like that.

“That was the first thing that came to my mind.”

The alleged hit-and-run driver has since turned himself over to the police.

“He had hemorrhaging in his head, head injuries, pelvic injuries, broken ribs,” she said.

“Someone had driven into him so very fast – he didn’t have a chance.

She said her children – including rapper Nicki – are struggling to come to terms with the shock news.

“The children are all grieving individually and differently and as you would expect it’s very hard for them because it’s such a shock,” she said.

“I spoke to Nicki on the day of his death, it has broken her and everyone’s heart.