Nicki Minaj says good sex improved her attitude

Sex, correction, good sex, has long been heralded as the cure to headaches, bad days and resting faces of all kind.

Nicki Minaj married Kenneth Petty late last year and says life has been good since.

Rapper Nicki Minaj is testifying to this theory in a recent interview on Young Money Radio. Speaking to longtime friend and mentor Lil Wayne, Minaj revealed some details about her intimate life.

“Remember when you was telling me that I be having an attitude all the time cause I need some good d**k?” she asked. “You was right though, I always tell people that you was right.”

Minaj got married to childhood friend Kenneth Petty in October, and said married life has been pretty good.

Nicki Minaj and husband, Kenneth Petty

“I’m no longer yours,” she said laughing. “I really cannot freaking complain and I didn’t think it’d be as refreshing and calming as it is but you know even if you’re not married, just when you have somebody that feels like your soul mate or is very understanding or understands you it just makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. You just need that partner, so I’m good.”

Weezy sent his congratulations, adding, “She’s married so y’all niggas stay back, leave her alone, I’m telling myself that as well.”

“I can’t just wing it, so that’s the only thing I’d be scared of but I’d def do it whenever you say the word.”

– Nicki Minaj on a possible collaborative album with Lil Wayne

Throughout the interview, the Megatron rapper ensured to keep her stomach out of frame, evening positioning her device from a low angle. Rumours have been spiralling that the ‘Queen Barb’ is pregnant, and a recent photo posted to her page is adding fuel to the fire. Minaj uploaded a photo from the set of Trollz, a recent collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine, where she’s seen covering her stomach with high-waist undies.

Though Weezy did not bring up the rumour, he did ask about a possible collaborative album.

“With people like you it’s scary, it’s scary to put a verse on something after you put a verse on it,” Minaj said. “I can’t just wing it, so that’s the only thing I’d be scared of but I’d def do it whenever you say the word.”