Nicki Minaj says she’d do a collab with Intence

Dancehall artiste Intence has a fan in the Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj, and not only that, she’s open to doing a collab with him.

Minaj, who recently started following the Yahoo Boyz artiste on Instagram, stated her intentions in a discussion during a Twitter Space recently.

He (Intence) was like yo ‘we gotta do sumn we gotta work together’ and I was like ‘yea for real’,” Nicki said during the “Barbie Talk.”

She shared that she’s not only a fan of Intence’s music but of his personality too.

“I was listening to some of his (Intence) stuff and I was like yea I really f**k with him and then I looked at some of his interviews,” Minaj added. “I always do that, cause if I like an artist, I wanna see what they are like, in their interviews sometimes…and I’ll look and you will [be] surprised at some songs out here, but then I’ll go and see a little more of an artist and i’m like ‘nah’..I don’t wanna follow them, mi nah know,” she said.

“But with some people, I’ll hear their songs and then I’ll look them up a little more and then I’ll be like ‘I really like this person, as a human’. And obviously I’ve followed a lot of Jamaican people cause they’re funny, they’re dope and I f***ing love what they’re doing.”