Nicki Minaj’s husband accused of disrespecting Iwer George during Trinidad Carnival

Rapper Nicki Minaj was in Trinidad to enjoy carnival, but many persons are now saying she should have left her husband at home following an incident with soca star Iwer George.

The tiny drama unfolded while they were all on Machel Montano’s truck and Iwer was performing Stage Gone Bad, the song he won the International Soca Monarch competition with.

“Clearly @nickiminaj has not schooled her husband on the Trinidad culture.”

— Social media user

During the performance, Iwer walked over to Nicki and said some something to her, and within a couple seconds, he went back to where he was originally standing.

Many persons are claiming soca star Iwer George was insulted by Nicki’s husband.

With the mic in hand, still singing, Iwer seemed as if he was reaching towards Nicki when he was intercepted by her husband, Kenneth Petty, who blocked his hand.


Is Mr Petty really that petty or did he think Nicki was about to be harmed?

Trinidad culture

Well, that doesn’t really matter, as since the videos of the incident surfaced online, many persons have been saying Kenneth disrespected Iwer by shoving his hand.

“Grossly disappointed in Nicki… teach yuh man about your culture before you taking him to our cultural events. Ppl will touch you and furthermore nobody disrespects the water Lord @IwerGeorge so feel FREE to leave yuh man home next time. Thanks much,” one social media user said.

Another added: “Clearly @nickiminaj has not schooled her husband on the Trinidad culture. This man out here elbowing iwergeorge.”

Nicki Minaj was rather spicey in her carnival costume.

Others tried to explain what might have happened.

“Looks like he (Iwer) was tryin to convince Nicki to wave the flag. Tried from one side… Nicki smiled it off… Iwer came around the front & her boo stepped in,” one person said.

Well… then.

What are your thoughts, BUZZ fam? Was Kenneth being way too petty at carnival?