NICKI SAYS SORRY: Nic­ki Mi­naj offers apology for husband’s actions in Trinidad

US rapper Nicki Manaj and husband Kenneth Petty at a carnival event in Trinidad.

US-based rapper Nicki Minaj has apologized for her husband’s action in offending her country folks.

Her husband, Kenneth Petty, was seen on a video which went viral on social media push­ing away the hand of Road March 2020 King Neil ‘Iw­er’ George dur­ing his per­for­mance on a Tribe mu­sic truck.

This left T&T citizens upset and they did not hold back in venting on social media and calling for an apology. On Wednesday, Minaj, who was born in Trinidad, took to her Instagram account, post­ing a video of her and Pet­ty and ex­press­ing her love for him.

Kenneth Petty pushing away Iwer George.

She apologised and explained that Petty didn’t understand T&T’s culture and was in ‘security’ mode’ protecting her.

Iwer George, in his re­sponse on so­cial me­dia, said he be­lieved that Minaj’s hus­band did not know who he was as he was wear­ing a Tribe Mu­sic T-shirt. “…so he may have thought I was part of the sound sys­tem group. Nic­ki’s hus­band is not fa­mil­iar with Tri­ni cul­ture so he did what any hus­band would do and that is go in­to pro­tec­tion mode,” he posted.