Nike wants shipped pairs of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ recalled

If you had gone and bought one of those ‘Satan Shoes’ that rapper Lil Nas X had put out, then you might have to send them back.

So you may have already known that Nike is suing MSCHF, the company that made them for copyright infringement. Well, now it’s asking a Brooklyn federal judge to recall all the pairs that had already been shipped out.

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Especially as only one pair of the 666 pairs made were not already shipped out to people who paid more than US $1000 each.

“Despite knowing of Nike’s objections to its unlawful conduct, MSCHF apparently proceeded to fulfill all the orders for its shoes,” Michael J. Harris, a lawyer for Nike, wrote in a Thursday letter to US District Judge Eric Komitee. “This court should order a recall to prevent MSCHF from gaining an advantage from its own gamesmanship.”

Nike also wants Komittee to block MSCHF from mailing out any remaining shoes that haven’t been shipped. That includes at least one pair the studio planned to give away this week.