Nikki Chromazz says she’s no longer proud of her name

Social media personality Nikki Chromazz says she is no longer proud of her name.

The ‘Chrome White’ entrepreneur said though she has built a lucrative brand, she is ashamed of the drama that has been associated with her name in recent years.

“Back then mi used to feel proud inna a way – before mi inna bagga bagga – fi seh a Nikki Chromazz mi name…” she said in a recent Instagram Live. “If yuh type mi een yuh see mi inna mi fashion things… Mi did have one and two likkle interviews, I was hosting a lot of parties, I had Chrome Girls Entertainment, I have Chrome Mondays. I was doing so well for myself. 

“Everybody a talk bout this likkle young girl from the ghetto weh just a do her thing… Mi used to just like that. Mi used to feel proud. Yuh see now, mi nuh feel proud fi seh mi name Nikki Chromazz. It’s like mi keep on introducing myself as Nicolette because when yuh look on the Internet and the media, weh surround Nikki is nothing good.”

The latest online talk is that her fiancé is robbing her blind. She spent all afternoon on Instagram Live yesterday denying the reports and explaining that the rumour is another envy-driven tactic to interfere with her happiness.

Interestingly, Chromazz had previously said she’s done explaining allegations because “When mi Google mi name, the things dem weh surround mi name, it nuh mek nuh sense… Nikki Chromazz and something deh a cuss. Nikki Chromazz addressing this… is like mi nuh really see a lot of inspiring and motivational things about me to that…” 

She only hopes that people will speak about the good she’s done like the recent purchase of her own mansion.