Niko Moon and Shaggy release feel good video for track ‘Good Times’ remix

The official music video for Good Times, the collaboration between Country music singer Niko Moon and Dancehall star Shaggy, is certain to invoke a good feeling among viewers especially with the Reggae infusion. 

The video was released on Wednesday and comes out in an animated format, which adequately captures the message that both artistes are trying to put forth on the track.

The message is simple as it calls for persons to just have a good time. The video shows Shaggy and Moon in their animated formats just chilling by the beach, having a drink, eating pizza and just relaxing around a campfire.

Since its release, the video has been getting much love from fans with one person commenting “awesome remix with Shaggy! The animation makes this even more fun!”.

Another person commented “awesome job Niko and Shaggy!! Love this song and video!!”.

The animated video is said to have come as a result of both parties not being able to meet due to the challenges of the pandemic, with them even recording the track without meeting in person.

As it relates to the track, Mr. Boombastic is pleased to have played a part in bringing about the message.

He is recently quoted as saying “Niko did a good job of creating a beautiful message: just to have a good time. It was perfect during the pandemic and all the hell we’ve been through the past year. That’s what he’s done with this song and all I did was put a little sprinkle around it” he told the Tennessean.

The track opens with Moon  singing “we just tryna catch a good time, even if it takes all night, pass that bottle round the campfire, sipping apple pie moonshine”.

Despite the video just coming out, the remix has been out just over a month while the original has been out since 2020. It has since done very well for Moon, having been a chart topper on the Country music charts since its release.