‘No fairytales’: Konshens comments on split from wife

It might not be the news some people want to hear, but dancehall artiste Konshens has commented on the relationship between him and his wife, Latoya.

Konshens and wife Latoya

During an Instagram Q&A session with his followers on Monday night, the Couple Up entertainer asked: “What’s the latest?”

He was flooded with questions, including one about his marriage.

“Can you please fix whatever is broken between you an latts. I loved y’all together,” one social media user said.

Konshens responded: “REAL life no fairytales. Thanks for the love tho.”

Earlier this month, Latoya stated that her relationship with the entertainer ended eight months ago.

But this was not the first time that the two have split, as they broke up in August last year. In no time, they were back together, before calling it quits again in December.