No ‘house colour’: Fans react to Desha Ravers skin bleaching

Beenie Man’s daughter, dancer Desha Ravers sent tongues wagging after she posted a picture on her Instagram displaying a noticeably lighter complexion.

Desha was not shy about it, and attributed her ‘glow’ to Wasp Radiants, an online supplier of skin bleaching products.

But while some fan lauded her for her transformation, and even expressed inspiration to do the same, there were those who described her bleaching as an act of ‘self hate’

“People in the comments (BLACK PEOPLE) make me sick. She’s bleached out and people are saying she looks clean as if her beautiful skin color before wasn’t ‘clean’ or good enough. This is exactly what Spice was talking about. So embarrassing as a black community honestly. We need to do better,” lira_orez said.

“The support is mental. Sickening really,” another person commented.

“Omg those comments are so disturbing 😔 #blackhypocrisy,” one person worte.