No improvement in DMX’s brain function, family faces hard decision

Rapper, DMX

It’s been almost a week since rapper, DMX had a drug overdose and he still has not regained any brain function. This could mean that his family will soon have to make the difficult decision about whether or not to remove him from life support.

According to a TMZ source, DMX remains in a coma and the test results are “not good.” His family has asked DMX’s longtime friend and manager, Steve Rifkind, to fly to New York Friday.

A number of tests that were performed on DMX on Wednesday showed no improvement in brain activity.

DMX’s brain was deprived of oxygen for nearly half an hour when he overdosed last Friday.

His family has asked fans to pray for the rapper whose struggle with drug abuse has been very public. In 2016, he almost died after he suffered a drug overdose in a New York parking lot.

The rapper once revealed that his drug addiction started when he was just 14-years-old. He smoked a ‘crack-laced blunt’ that was given to him by his mentor. He said that he initially had no idea what he had smoked.