No laughing matter: Govana goes hardcore on ‘Strike Force’

Years ago, when he was known as Deablo, Govana’s lyrics were on the more graphic side with the deejay releasing more hardcore dancehall songs.

Dancehall artiste Govana

As he evolved, the deejay changed his name from Deablo to Govana. Since ‘diablo’ means devil in Spanish, he wanted a different name to reflect his growth.

But it seems Govana has returned to his ‘devilish’ side with Strike Force, a very hardcore song that he released on Friday, September 18. The track was produced by Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor.

“Govana gone back to the Deablo style.”

— Social media user

There’s a ‘joker’ in the music video that was directed by RD Studios, but he isn’t laughing. Instead, he plays around with a machete and a chainsaw.

Govana’s lyrics are graphic yet vivid, appealing to lovers of ‘badman’ lyrics.

“Govana gone back to the deablo style, man bruck weh,” one viewer said. “Deablo fi the genna dem, govi fi the girls dem,” another added.

Many of the more than 126,000 viewers were also happy that McGregor had produced another hardcore dancehall track. While the producer has been very active overseas, he has not done a dancehall ‘juggling’ in quite some time.

But it seems he might have plans to return to the forefront of dancehall based on a recent tweet.

“Weh unu say. Can drop the juggling dem now? Or unu good wid the pretty pretty riddim dem,” he asked on Twitter on Friday night.