No RDX split… but Delomar and ReniGAD are working on solo projects

In recent times RDX members ReniGAD and Delomar have been busy with solo projects, causing persons to theorise that they are no longer working together.

RDX’s ReniGAD and Delomar

However, ReniGAD said this is not the case.

“The RDX brand mostly known fi girls and high energy songs. But within RDX you have ReniGad and Delomar, two individuals wid different ideas and stories fi tell,” said ReniGAD, who previously went by the name ‘Renigade’.

He noted that there are topics they would want to tackle that do not fit the RDX brand, so they opted to work on solo projects.

“As ReniGAD mi can sing bout any topic mi want. Block Party is about how we do we ting pon we grung inna real life. Plus, mi can spit some hard lyrics and flow mi couldn’t before. It’s jus a different energy,” ReniGAD said.

Delomar is also busy, as he recently produced the all-female ‘Pink’ Rhythm, which features acts like D’Angel, Macka Diamond, Pamputtae, Lisa Hyper, Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva, Pretty Devil, Raine Seville, Goody Plum, TallUp, Kim Weirdo and Sasique.

“The ladies dem always a talk about female power inna music, and I thought of how I could contribute my energy and effort in getting acknowledgement for the females because dem really a work,” Delomar said in a recent BUZZ interview.

And even though they are occupied with solo efforts, ReniGAD promised that there will be new releases from RDX in the near future, as they have already recorded new material that is slated for release.