No to ‘badness’: Teejay says his kids keep him out of trouble

He may have songs that glorify gangsterism, but dancehall artiste Teejay says he isn’t about that life.


In a recent Instagram Live, the entertainer said he avoids confrontation and “badness” for the sake of his kids.

“A five youth – one girl and four boy – mi get, and mi just tell myself seh mi haffi do this mek dem proud…” he said. “Mi is not a hype youth…whole heap a diss mi get… If mi see something a go happen weh it gon’ get my life inna problem or situation, mi just gon’ walk weh from it cause mi memba seh a di youth dem. Mi nah mek yuh draw mi out. All if yuh haffi tell mi fi s**k mi mumma and mi haffi hold it, mi a go walk weh.”

“Mi haffi make sure di youth dem good as long as mi deh yah so…”

— Teejay

The 26-year-old learned from his stepfather, whom he said played a better role of providing for his siblings than his biological father.

“My dad never mine me enuh, mi nuh care if him hear dis or none a my other family dem waan hear and vex pon fi him side…” he said. “Mi stepfather help mi madda. Mi madda got five pickney, and only one a fi mi stepfather, and mi stepfather help all a we. Mi stepfather send mi likkle sister a go school, mi stepfather go out deh go work and put on food pon di table fi we so mi promise myself seh mi haffi make sure di youth dem good as long as mi deh yah so.”

No disrespect

His mission hasn’t been easy. The From Rags To Riches singjay spoke about his early struggles in getting recognition.

“Mi come a town, mi jump fence fi Jordan (McClure of Chimney Records) voice me, and Jordan a seh, ‘yow bredda a weh yaa do? Yuh cya come over yah’ and mi a seh, ‘Jordan mi haffi voice pon di riddim Jordan, please’. Romeich deh inna di studio and Romeich a seh, ‘mek dem come back’ and Romeich deeven know seh a me,” Teejay said.

The artiste signed to Romeich Entertainment in 2018, shortly after an impressive performance as part of the closing set at Reggae Sumfest.

“From that mi keep focus inna di game bredda, mi nuh try fi get inna no mixup… We nuh disrespect no artiste inna di game…,” Teejay said.

He added that he listens to the music of all his peers, even if they throw jabs at him. This, he said, is part of taking the high road and also free promotion for his brand.

Teejay is set to kick off a series of concert dates in The United States starting Friday.