No to Lisa: Tanya Stephens says Hanna isn’t fit to lead PNP

Lisa Hanna might have many people supporting her as she campaigns to become president of the People’s National Party (PNP), but entertainer Tanya Stephens isn’t one of them.

Singer Tanya Stephens

Responding to one of her friends on Facebook on Friday, Stephens openly criticised Hanna, who she said is not qualified for the job at hand.

“The only paper she look good on is a printed photograph. She’s not appealing to HR for ANY job that isn’t purely based on aesthetics. She’s almost 50 and never truly held a job,” Stephens said.

“She’s not appealing to HR for ANY job that isn’t purely based on aesthetics.”

— Tanya Stephens

“She’s flitted by a couple of insignificant positions which didn’t have her responsible for people’s lives and livelihood. She was GIVEN a PNP ‘safe seat’ amid audible objections and after only 3 elections she whittled the lead down to 31. She is so egotistical that she would rather sacrifice the party than stand down from her pursuit of power and acclaim, and with a 31 vote win which threatens to be a loss next election she is challenging for LEAERSHIP???? (sic) Oonu a mad people?”

Conflict in constituency

Stephens, in admitting that she might soon be labelled as a ‘hater’, said that she questions Hanna’s ability to run an entire country when she cannot resolve issues with her South East St Ann constituency.

“The woman couldn’t resolve whatever conflict exists in her own party in ONE CONTITUENCY! What gives you the confidence to think she can resolve the conflicts of an entire nation? Then you call me hater because I adamantly reject her application for the job of running MY COUNTRY…you think a dolly house this boy? List the JOBS she’s done from she born. The actual jobs. Accomplishments beyond aesthetic arrangement of her genes,” Stephens said of Hanna, who was crowned Miss World in 1993.

Lisa Hanna

In the post, Stephens also stressed that she wanted Hanna to succeed in politics, but she has not done well despite being in the arena for more than a decade.

“You don’t reward a constituency failure with national responsibility unless you WANT the entire country to fail. Oonu irresponsible,” Stephens said.

And although Stephens isn’t supporting Hanna, dancehall artiste Spice has endorsed the politician as she goes up against Mark Golding in the November 7 PNP presidential election.