‘Nobody Man’ nuh appeal to Sevana

Sevana in Nobody Man (Photo: YouTube)

Move over Jim Screechie! The women have had enough…

“Nuh wah nobody man, oh mi nuh wah nobody boyfriend, it nuh fit mi brand,”

⁠— Sevana in Nobody Man

Reggae crooner Sevana is hitting all the right notes in her latest single, Nobody Man, and guys, the visuals are amazing!

Peep the visual vibe and the message (Photo: YouTube)

Channelling a retro 90s look and deciding she’s had enough with the glorification of the promiscuous life, Sevana sings (and dances) with a fierce outlook: ‘What happened to the regal love?’.

“Seh them wah be side piece, only a night piece love off indecent love, and a try bully me true me wah be a wifey,”

⁠— *clears throat* shots fired, Sevana?

The song, which has hit over 250,000 views on her official YouTube channel since its release in mid-July, is resonating with Jamaicans.

Come through melanated queen!! (Photo: YouTube)

“Don’t think it’s wrong to have these standards, no offense and mi nuh like embarrassment,”

⁠— Ayyy, wul dem Sevana!! A wholesome, bubbly song on living with a faithful mindset.

Written by Sevana, Nobody Man is directed by Wade Rhoden and choreographed by Shamara ‘Inspire’ Spencer.

Check out the video below.

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