“Nobody nuh perfect”: I Waata cheated on Pretty Pretty, has son with another woman

‘Play Boss’ I Waata has confirmed that he has a son after a photo surfaced yesterday of him holding a baby while embracing a woman.

The image went viral as the woman was not his long-term girlfriend, dancer-cum-artiste Pretty Pretty.

It was only Saturday that the couple was lovey-dovey on Instagram Live as they celebrated his birthday. In less than 24 hours, the eerily-timed image appeared on blog sites. Pretty Pretty subsequently deleted the content from her page and removed her profile photo. She was, however, still following I Waata’s Instagram account, causing many to speculate if the woman in the photo was I Waata’s sister or friend.

The deejay broke his silence in the night by taking to Instagram Live from a studio, revealing that Pretty Pretty, whom he affectionately calls Mimi, has left him.

“Nobody nuh perfect you know, and big up Mimi too,” he said. “Mimi a mi don but a whole heap a tings gwaan, and right now Mimi seh she done but nobody nuh do, what? Perfect.”

Pretty Pretty shared this photo with I Waata recently.

The repeated “Nobody Nuh Perfect” cop-out forms the foundation lyric of his newest recording, which he had on repeat during the hour-long Live. The lyrics state in part:

Talk dem a talk but mi deven care/ My side a story, no, mi nuh share/ Anything happen done happen already/ Longtime mi ready, hmmhmm, mi prepare/ Cause nobody nuh perfect, a suh di Earth set/ Mi see one bagga screenshot a come to mi phone but none a dem nuh worthy…/ Don’t tell me how fi live fi mi life cause you a live dirty.”

Inevitable backlash

The backlash was inevitable, and I Waata temporarily disabled the comments on the Live. The couple has been together for 12 years, and he gifted her a ring in July. Prior to that, Pretty Pretty was off the island, stranded in Japan for several months because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. She had gone there with colleague Dancing Rebel for a workshop series. People suspect that it is in her absence earlier this year that I Waata impregnated the woman, but the child’s age has not been confirmed.

The photo of I Waata with his son and the child’s mother.

Despite the saga, the deejay is not about to be ashamed of his child.

“Dem send mi picture over Stinkwall zeen, a mi son,” he said. “Mi love mi son, and the world know mi love Mimi don’t? A fi mi Mimi enuh, all if Mimi feel like seh she a nuh fi mi Mimi, a fi mi Mimi and unno know that.”

He also addressed those who claim the photo is only a publicity stunt to promote the new song.

“Unno deh pon one bagga tings wid one bagga chatting like seh mi did plan fi do it, like seh is a prank,” he said. “Bredda mi nuh live fi media… a one real life something, and mi nah diss mi youth and mi nah diss mi babymother and mi nah diss Mimi. A unno a dweet and unno fi just hold out and gwaan cause some a unno a do bare f**kery and a hide. Mi know seh she hurt and ting, but some a unno fi go s**k unno madda.”