‘Normally mi a wifey’: Shenseea drops sidechick anthem

BUZZ fam we know that Shenseea is going to cause a lot of problems with her latest effort, a song that looks into the world of side chicks.

Shenseea, playing the role of the side chick, gives listeners an in-depth look at how side chicks see things and how these sort of relationships play out.

It’s a song that is certain to resonate with some persons who may have been caught up with that particular situation. However, we are certain that side chicks will definitely be loving this one.

The song plays out the happiness that some women find dating a man who has a significant other and how they try to deal with it.

She tags the song with a decent music video that shows Shenseea playing the part of the side piece having the time of her life with her partner while seeking advice from two of her friends on the matter and finally decides to see how far the situation will go.

The comforting line for Shenseea is knowing that she’s sidechick as opposed to being the wife who doesn’t know she’s being cheated on.

Check out the vid and tell us what you think!