Norman Horne tenders Senate resignation

Norman Horne has tendered his resignation from the Senate.

Norman Horne has tendered his resignation as Senator.

The former People’s National Party (PNP) treasurer, in a December 10 letter, said he advised the Governor-General he will not accept the appointment to be an Opposition Senator, noting that he’s taken the “necessary steps” to have it rescinded.

“My decision was made after lengthy discussions with my family and close friends. There is a full appreciation of the broader implications that any furtherance of the now seven-day delay in the resolution of this matter would have on the paramountcy of good governance and the stability of the People’s National Party as an essential institution in that regard,” he continued.

“While I continue to hold firm to my view that there is much introspection needed in the PNP and that there is a need for urgency to adopt a new approach to resolving contentious issues by those at the helm, all concerned comrades can find some comfort in the ideas that “time is a great teacher” and that “maturity comes with experience”, he added.

Horne was first recommended for appointment to the Senate on September 14 by former Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips.

“After the announcement that there would have been elections for a new party leader, I indicated that I would give the new leader a free hand. I decided at that time not to further pursue renunciation,” he said.