Nostalgic! Fans are loving Kabaka Pyramid’s ‘Nice Up The Dance’

Jamaican entertainer Kabaka Pyramid has taken dancehall fans back in time with a rendition of Nice Up The Dance, and they are loving the song and music video.

Kabaka Pyramid released the music video for Nice Up The Dance on August 25.

Nice Up The Dance was originally done by Michigan and Smiley in 1979 on the ‘Real Rock’ rhythm that was produced by Clement S. Dodd of the famous Studio One Records.

Kabaka has done his version of the track as part of a VP Records project called Dancehall Anthems that is being done by Jeremy Harding.

After releasing the 300K-directed music video on August 25, Kabaka is getting nothing but praises for the visuals that capture the dancehall vibe from the late 70s and 80s. Not leaving his mesh merino behind, Kabaka dances through the street with a radio on his shoulder before ending up at a dancehall event.

And fans are loving everything about Kabaka’s take on Nice Up The Dance.

“Instant Dancehall Classic,” one YouTube user said.

“I’m born 97 but I’m very, very IMPRESSED with Kabaka’s rendition. Saw it advertising on YT video too and clicked instantly😍😍 I’m reminiscing like I was born back in the 70s😂😂 Maybe I was and don’t remember,” another added.

“The authentic, the consistency, class act every time, video nice too,” a viewer said.

We’re definitely loving it too. What’s your take on Kabaka’s version of Nice Up The Dance? Tell us in the comments section.