Not a nice feeling: Comedian Ity Ellis details being caught in crossfire between Jamaican police and gunmen

Jamaican comedian, Ity Ellis

It was like a scene from a movie; Jamaican police and gunmen exchanging gunshots in peak traffic in Kingston on Monday afternoon.

Many of us watched in horror as vehicles tried to escape the crossfire, police dodged behind vehicles, and a body laid on the ground.

But we did this from the comfort of our homes, and the safety of our offices. Those vehicles that hastily tried to leave the scene housed terrified passengers. But thankfully, there have been no reports of civilian casualties.

Jamaican comedian, Ity Ellis was running errands when he was caught in the crossfire. He posted a video on his Instagram to share his experience.

“When mi come round a come New Kingston fi di second stop, when I reach near Hope Road and Trafalgar Road, mi think mi did a hear some car a backfire, but people when mi look and see wah gwaan, a gun shot a fire, police a duck, mi see police active, car a tun back,” he said.

Ellis said the situation was traumatizing.

“It was not a nice situation to be in the middle, to be there in real time, a nuh wah nice feeling at all. When you leave you house good good, leave you wife and yuh pickney good good, and you go pon di road fi do you good business and you have no idea what’s infront of you,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said he’s just thankful to have made it out alive and is encouraging people to seek God before taking on these dangerous streets.

“When ya head out pon di road, whisper a likkle prayer, cause anything can gwaan anytime. You haffi trust who is supreme and who know more than us,” he said.

In a now-viral video, Jamaican police intercepted a vehicle that was believed to be carrying assailants who murdered a man in St Andrew earlier in the day.

Police reports are that the men in the vehicle opened fire on them when they tried to apprehend them. The police returned the fire and a shootout ensued.

According to the police, two illegal firearms were seized, two gunmen were shot and killed, and another was taken into custody.