Not again! Schools’ Challenge Quiz under fire for Munro, Ardenne match outcome

There’s yet another controversy associated with the popular televised Schools’ Challenge Quiz (SCQ) programme in Jamaica.

In the latest debacle, a clip showing the quarterfinal match between Munro College and Ardenne High seems to have brought up some painful memories for the latter.

With the scores tied at 25 apiece, Munro College seemingly buzzed in to respond to the Mathematics question “An article was bought for $200 and sold for $350 what was the percentage…?” The buzzer went off before the question was completed but the final word seemed to have been ‘profit’.

However, despite Munro’s buzzer light illuminating first, host Marline Stephenson Dalley called on Ardenne to respond. The St Andrew-based school replied “seventy-five per cent”, to which Stephenson-Dalley declared their response correct.

Ardenne would go on to win the match with 31 points to Munro’s 29.

However, the St Elizabeth-based Munro College took issue with the call.

Information technology specialist and Munro alumnus, Larren Peart, posted the clip on Twitter and said the school had protested the presenter’s call to award the question and the two points to Ardenne, but said the show’s producer rejected it. Peart tagged Claire Grant, general manager of Television Jamaica (TVJ), which produces SCQ, in his tweet.

Several persons replied to Peart’s tweet, agreeing that the call was incorrect, to which he said about one, “it brings the entire thing into question”.

In 2016, Ardenne was involved in another dispute, this time with Camperdown High School, over a scoring matter. In that instance, Camperdown was declared the winner, beating Ardenne with a score of 34-32. However, TVJ later said there was a scoring error during the buzzer section, the match’s final round, when producers failed to add two points to Ardenne’s total for a correctly answered question.

The judges said that the match should have ended in a tie had it not been for the scoring error. A request for an injunction by Camperdown was turned down. The school agreed to TVJ’s request for a rematch with Ardenne, which it subsequently lost.