Not an April Fools’ joke: Drake’s father offers reward to recover chest lost in Jamaica

Dennis Graham, the father of rap star Drake, has said that he is offering a cash reward for anyone who finds a chest that was taken from a location in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Graham made the announcement on Instagram,  where he noted that his post was “not an April fools’ joke” .

According to Graham, the chest was taken from Dacosta Drive, Ocho Rios; however, he did not state when the alleged incident occurred.

Graham said that he would not prosecute whoever returns the item, noting that instead he would make a cash reward of $1million JMD available to whoever returns the chest.

Graham,66 noted that the chest has no monetary value, but is sentimental.

“We are offering a $1 million JMD reward for anyone in possession of a chest taken from 9 Dacosta Drive, Ocho Rios, St Ann, Jamaica. We will not prosecute whoever returns it unopened,” said Graham

“It does not contain anything of monetary value, just sentimental value. Please email for drop off location and arrangement of payment,” added Graham.