Not being able to tour has Spice stressed out

Last summer, dancehall artiste Spice was booked and busy, so its understandable that she is not handling the cancellation of shows due to coronavirus well.

Sharing a list of her shows from 2019 which saw her performing all over the world, Spice said this year is stressing her out, and demands to know why 2020 won’t let up.

“Just saw this and realize what my summer used to be like and got stressed TF out 😫😫💙 Hurry up and gwan nuh dutty 2020 weh mi do u inna life make u hate mi so,” she wrote.

Comedian Majah Hype could relate to her pain. “Jah know look pon mine Weh day and mi belly start hurt,” he commented.

While dancehall artiste, Ioctane found Spice’s rant amusing.

Fans in the comments section were also coaxing Spice to be patient, telling that things will soon return to normal.

“Hold the firm muma you did it before you will do it again and again,” one fan wrote.

But just because she’s not performing at shows doesn’t mean she’s not busy. The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the Dancehall’ has been heavily promoting her beauty brand, Faces and Laces, as well as recording videos for her YouTube Channel- Spice Official World.

She also has a collab with rapper Missy Elliot in the works.